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Leadership & Vulnerability

  Leaders needs to be Vulnerable How many of us are aware the benefit of Vulnerability? It is an inability to resist or respond when something bad going to happen. Can we ask what we need? Can we say what we want? Can we express what we really think? Vulnerability is a strength and it

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Leadership Skills

My Practical experience in corporate after learning coaching: I was never a listener. As a corporate Senior executive, I use to tell people what to do. Coaching has helped me to listen. It has helped me to understand Level 3 listening – understanding un spoken, body language. I am able to understand my team better

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I have learnt about speed model in coaching.  Useful one I am sharing with all of you  Teams function well when then they have ownership in decision making Leadership decisions taken without involvement of team inputs have less chance of succeeding A collective approach of co-created vision, consultative decision and collaborative action through emotionally engaged

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Benefits of Coaching

AN INTRODUCTION TO COACHING  COACHING BENEFITS AND PROCESS This article explains what is coaching, do we need a coach, an introduction about ICF, the benefits of coaching and the process involved.  What is Coaching Coach acts as a sounding board. Mentoring gives advise, coaching never provide advise. Mentor has to be a domain expert. Coach

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Peak Performance

 LEADER AS A COACH FOR HIGHEST PERFORMANCE  This article highlight basics of coaching and its impact on leadership. Coaching is unlocking people potential to maximise their own Performance. It focus on future possibilities, not past mistakes. It involves Powerful questioning and active listening apart from using certain models like GROW. Leadership style determines performance and

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Understanding PCC

This article explain what is PCC means, Credential details, PCC certification, meaning of ICF certifications, the importance of credential and the benefits. In short it gives complete overview on ICF certified coaching.   PROFESSIONAL CERTIFIED COACH PCC, or Professional Certified Coach, is a credential offered by the International Coach Federation, or ICF. The ICF offers 3

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Most of us focus on growing to the next level, like a manager who wants to be a General Manager or; Engineer who wants to be Senior Engineer. The result is a struggle and mostly failure in corporate life   One needs to focus on getting into the CEO’s seat to grow in corporate. This

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You need this to grow fast   Individually one needs to learn about basic ideas to grow fast in the corporate. These things involve developing a growth-oriented personality.     In corporate life, everyone has insecurities. When you demonstrate your skills, you create insecurities in others. You cannot worry about it and lose your growth.

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  We always face the problem of time. Every day I prepare a to-do list in the morning. At the end of the day, I would have completed only a few of the list.   There is never enough time to do everything.   You change the way you think and act. You can control

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