You need this to grow fast


Individually one needs to learn about basic ideas to grow fast in the corporate. These things involve developing a growth-oriented personality.



  • In corporate life, everyone has insecurities.
  • When you demonstrate your skills, you create insecurities in others.
  • You cannot worry about it and lose your growth.
  • One needs to understand how to handle it successfully.



Today we are crushed, hit at our back by intelligent people around out.


  • You cannot be decent and get hit.
  • One needs to outsmart these politics.



Fail fast to succeed



  • Failure often helps us to think better, plan differently and move better toward success.
  • We always try to avoid failures.
  • One needs to fail to succeed.
  • In corporate, we learn from our mistakes and plan corrective & preventive actions to avoid such mistakes in the future.



Have right strategy



It is not having the right people, resources, and business models that will help the organization succeed.



  • They need to have the right strategy to grow.
  • It is the strategy that helps to set the competitive edge, focus areas, and markets. Understanding strategic skills are crucial to growing in corporate life.


  • The strategy helps you to be different in the competitive market.
  • In marketing, knowing the competitors, exploiting their areas of weakness, and avoiding their strength areas gives profitable growth.


  • Strategy and vision help the organization to focus on where they are going in the next 5 years
  • Successful strategies are about the perceptions of issues and opportunities in the market.
  • One needs to understand the customer to win growth.


Change for Growth


  • Sometimes we get attached to our first job emotionally.
  • There is a lack of awareness of corporate life.
  • We may land up with less qualified people as colleagues.



  • We get a feeling that we are the best in life.
  • The boss will be smart in treating us very well so that he can retain us.


The golden advice to all to be successful in their career are:


  • Plan your career even at the beginning of your life
  • Always focus on the goal
  • If the salary is low compared to the best in the industry, move out
  • Time is money
  • Focus on goal – career and money and not on ego satisfaction
  • If you start your career with a low salary, it will always have an impact on your future growth


Procrastination, not being surrounded by highly capable people, lack of risk-taking mindset, and having self-pity leads to failure in a career.


Once you realise that the career you are having is not on par with the industry standard, move out immediately.











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