We always face the problem of time. Every day I prepare a to-do list in the morning. At the end of the day, I would have completed only a few of the list.


There is never enough time to do everything.


You change the way you think and act. You can control your time and your life. Stop doing some things. Start spending more on a few which can really make a difference in life.


The key to success is action.


The major reason for procrastination is a uniqueness about what you are trying to do or what you want to achieve.


A simple approach to overcome procrastination is below:


  • Have a clear, written goal. Write on paper


  • Be clear on what you want to achieve – today and in your life


  • Set deadlines; whether you are achieving or not, set achievable deadlines


  • Have an action plan


  • Act daily




  • Select the most important thing you need to complete. Focus on it. Focus on this single task and complete it


  • Start the countdown. Create a sense of urgency to complete the file


  • Stop multitasking. Focus on the one task that you have taken. Always think about it




  • Believe you can do it. Keep writing 5 times in the morning, afternoon and night – I can do it; control all your other thoughts


  • Set milestones to complete the task and targets for these milestones


  • To start with, identify your one important goal in life. Also, understand your roadblock to achieving this. Take action on that today




  • Learn the skills needed. Every day read a book. Pay and attend a course. Join a community of likeminded people


  • Select one goal to achieve. Choose just one action first. Focus and complete


  • Keep your area clean:


  • Your table
  • Your workplace
  • Your mind



  • Stop writing a to-do list.


  • List top 3 to-do, after completing, go to the next 3


  • Focus on a very important and urgent task. Dump all. Do whatever is helping you to achieve your life goal




  • Finally, just act – action lead to success


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