How to have Stress free life


  • Avoid feeding problems to your mind
  • Live in the moment
  • Be mindful. Become aware of what you are thinking and doing.
  • Mindfulness – Live in the moment


Stress free life in Corporate


Be mindful, live in the moment to successfully manage your stress.



Mindfulness helps


  • To become creative
  • To make effective decisions
  • To achieve work life balance
  • To handle different complex situation
  • To enjoy life


Some of the practical tips for mindfulness


  • Do one at a time. Multitasking is old concept.
  • When walking enjoys your walk. When eating enjoy your meal and do not think about your office problems.
  • Do less, do it effective and complete fully.
  • Silence – silence your mind daily. Spend 5 minutes daily in silence. Do nothing and focus on yours breathe.
  • Stop worrying about future. Focus on present today, just now and enjoy.
  • When you are talking to someone focus on the talk. Stop thinking about something else – your pending issues/your problems.
  • Keep practicing above actions consistently, daily.



 Some simple techniques to break free from stress


Breathing Exercise



Practice 3 to 4 deep breath before any stressful actions. For example, before any phone call take 3 to 4 deep breaths and attend the call.


You will be with the person completely and feel the difference.



Focus on your breathing


Each time when you do new activity try to practice the following:


Do deep breathing practice 2 to 3 times

Feel the breath – cool air going in and hot air coming out

Focus on your breath


You will enjoy the activity and feel no stress.


Change your pattern


Many things we do over and over again.

This makes the mind to think too many changes.


  • When you breath with right hand, try not left hand – enjoy breathing
  • When you go for walking change the route
  • Reverse the way you do things:
  • Combing hair
  • Using towel, etc.
  • Break the pattern/routine. This makes the mind to pay attention. You will live in the moment.





Use non dorment hand


Next time when you brush, use your left hand, if you are a right handed person. You will find yourself living in the moment.


Same things for daily activity:


  • Combing hair
  • Taking bath
  • Dressing, etc.


Use Body Scan


During the day become aware of:


  • Your body posture
  • How you are sitting
  • Alignment of neck to body
  • Feet touching the ground
  • Breath inhale and exhale, feel the air, etc.


Live in the moment.






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