Sacrifices to get money in life



  • You need to make certain sacrifices, in order to reach where you want to be from where you are.


  • Nothing comes easy in life. Particularly money does not come without making certain sacrifices in life.


  1. Sacrifice being in comfort zone


  • You are currently in comfort zone
  • It has not got you enough money
  • Move out and take risk, make more money



  1. Sacrifice TV


  • Do something productive with your time and make more money
  • Time is money
  • Do not waste your time and life in TV



  1. Sacrifice internet surfing


  • Stop endlessly surfing you tube videos, Facebook videos, etc.
  • Spend time effectively to reach where you want to be
  • Grow rich


  1. Sacrifice Sleep


  • At least 2 hours of your sleep sacrifice
  • Get more time
  • Wake up early
  • Work or your business and make more money






  1. Sacrifice aiming perfection in first attempt – Act


  • You need to start taking action
  • Begin somewhere
  • Make mistakes and go through daily
  • It will not be smooth ride, fail first – start running again
  • Do not look at perfection in the first attempt



  • Making portions change in life does not come without giving up something.


  • Give up comfort, TV, internet, time waste – act –move towards where you want to be and make more money.








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