Most of us focus on growing to the next level, like a manager who wants to be a General Manager or; Engineer who wants to be Senior Engineer. The result is a struggle and mostly failure in corporate life


  • One needs to focus on getting into the CEO’s seat to grow in corporate.
  • This needs to learn about CEO/Leadership skills and focus areas.
  • Once you set your goal in CEO’s position, you will grow faster in other roles.


Build your personality


One needs to learn the following to become CEO:


  • To be ambitious with self-drive to grow
  • Need to take a risk with proper planning
  • To focus on achievements/growth/creating an impact on performance


  • Build effective communication skills with the team about the organization’s vision/mission/plans
  • Build customer focus across the organization
  • To have entrepreneurial skills


  • Self-motivated and created an energetic team.
  • To be a fighter in an adverse situation.
  • One needs to learn on-time, fast decision-making skills.


  • Focus on emerging technology and be a part of it
  • Understand the market and always realign the business to suit the trend
    • To be in touch with the market
    • To have a top-level relationship with important customers/suppliers.


  • Be a life-long learner to build on strengths and improve on weaknesses.






To fast track your career growth in corporate, you need to:



  • Provide inspiring leadership
  • Be a man of vision
  • Take a risk for profitable growth
  • Build a brand of Domain Expert
  • Build your network
  • In a crisis, lead from the front
  • Be a timely decision maker




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