Leadership Skills

My Practical experience in corporate after learning coaching:

I was never a listener. As a corporate Senior executive, I use to tell people what to do. Coaching has helped me to listen. It has helped me to understand Level 3 listening – understanding un spoken, body language. I am able to understand my team better and my team productivity improved a lot

I started fixing up my meeting goal and measure of success for the meetings. This is a standard coaching practice and the meeting effectiveness drastically improved.

In handling situations, I use to be stressed. Understanding Emotions and labelling helps me a lot in enjoying the meeting and moving further. I have started openly labelling my status – I am angry on so and so issue – the impact is huge.

Asking questions on learnings out of the meetings and follow up actions increased the meeting effectiveness.

Coaching helps in building leadership skills. Apart from personal development, will be able to build high performance team.

It helps to be successful in:

Delegating, Building effective team, Enhancing inter personal skill, Achieving better results

Coaching also boost effectiveness at work by inspiring development among the people around us.



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