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 This article highlight basics of coaching and its impact on leadership.

Coaching is unlocking people potential to maximise their own Performance. It focus on future possibilities, not past mistakes.

It involves Powerful questioning and active listening apart from using certain models like GROW. Leadership style determines performance and a coaching style leadership delivers the highest performance.

You cannot be a leader without following.

The autocratic boss is facing extinction.

How to win friends and influence people – Become a great coach.

The key to success lies in connectivity

 Dr A P J Abdul Kalam


This is a coveted and elite individual intervention aimed at  personal and professional development.
I understand that at this moment there must be many questions crossing your mind.
One of them being how will the coaching engagement look like and what true role will the coach play?

Coaching is a powerful tool, and it has been widely used in all the fields where results are important. 

It is performance driven and a goal- oriented approach. 

Coaching is not an event, like a training program, it is a process.

Once you choose to undergo the coaching journey, you are making a conscious choice to be your Best-Self.

As a Coach, my role is that of a thinking partner who will support and challenge you from time to time.

I will not judge you or offer advice.

What we speak will remain completely confidential between you and me.

What I ask from you is your commitment to the process.

The best learning and growth in the Coaching process comes from the reflection and action done by you in between the sessions.



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