The challenges of a Corporate Leader  are enormous. To handle the increased pressure and to deliver the enhanced results, any Leader / CEO need coaching

We help  to grow their business faster by debating their strategies and challenging their assumptions.

We become  a sounding board to debate their strategies for meeting their stretched goals.

We  help the executives /CEO to improve communication skills, emotional intelligence, empowerment and leadership insights, which results in enhanced performance.

Even Steve Jobs had John Mattone as a Coach.

Ilan, as Executive Coach can help in the journey to growth.


We help the business owners – SMEs – Startup to grow their Business Profitably

We handhold them in framing strategies and achieving the desired growth year on year


We always focus on the problem on hand. Management Consulting focus on the people and brings the best out of them.

We become a sounding board during times of crisis 

We provide a structured approach to face unforeseen circumstances.

Management Consulting helps in improving productivity of people. 

It helps Senior executives and high potentials in developing strategies for leading in new or complex situations, build on existing strengths, and push their goals forward.

Overall, it is helping the people by empowering them and increasing employee engagements. It is creating greater ownership and responsibility.

In the organization we handle complex issues. Understanding and regulating emotion is helping a lot in managing challenges. Building relationship with the customer is improving.

Ilan is a trained management consultant  with 40+ years of corporate expertise.



One on one coaching explores the inner strength of the client and help him to bring the best out of him. The benefits of one on one coaching are:

  • Promotes effective communication and feedback.
  • Provides opportunity for training.
  • Creates a working partnership.
  • Creates an atmosphere for trust and continuous improvement.
  • Focuses on development for the future.
  • Supports effective performance management and productivity.

 Overall it helps to find a solution to the issue on hand and bring the best out of people

Ilan is an expert on one on one coaching with more than 1000 hours of coaching / mentoring expertise.


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